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Saturday, May 7, 2011

wallpaper game of thrones

wallpaper game of thrones. Game) desktop wallpaper
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  • Dreadnought
    Apr 28, 11:15 AM
    Let the taunting begin! :D And i will leave my dual G5 on a bit longer!!

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  • February 2009. Nancy Giles

  • crassusad44
    Sep 30, 09:23 PM
    Originally posted by paulwhannel

    A couple of earlier Powerbooks have shipped with external floppy drives, i can't remember but i think the 1400 did...

    But i definitely think apple will wait to unroll a thin unit rather than external--


    nope, not the 1400, but the duos did...
    but this is 2002. Apple can have thin PowerBooks, and yet have internal superdrives. c'mon Apple...

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  • arn
    Aug 27, 07:00 PM
    This is just a headsup and wake-up call to the rumor mongers. I think people don't understand the difference between "rumors" and "reality".

    "Rumors" are reports/stories/sources that indicate possibilities in the future. Some may come true, some may not.

    "Reality" involves things that are publically released by the companies we are discussing.

    Just keep this in mind... and it's something I've seen people in other forums and sites talk about.... they talk as if the 7470 chip actually exists and Apple just isn't using them.

    The 7470 chip is what we call a "rumor". This chip does not officially exist. To use it to complain about "Why doesn't Apple use the damn 7470 in the PowerMacs!" is the same as complaining about why "Apple doesn't use Santa Claus to build Power Macs" or "Why doesn't Apple use the damn Easter Bunny to build PowerMacs"

    Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the 7470 are all equally as "real"


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  • job
    Sep 7, 06:10 PM
    Sure, just make sure you have fire-retardent pants...


    30 minutes Battery life anyone??

    I don't really know anything about the French site's track record. Have they even been accurate in the past?

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  • iGav
    Sep 9, 01:16 PM
    Originally posted by JSRockit

    I hear that... If they change the PowerBook, change it to something new, but equally as stunning as the TiBook...which, regardless of popular belief, is STILL the best designed laptop with the iBook a close second.

    the TiBook still amazes even not that far short of it's second birthday......

    Personally judging by Apples willingness to move forward, I suspect they'll wait until the technology becomes small enough instead of making the TiBook larger....

    I used to have a company Pismo, and I really don't miss it all.... even though it was handy to have a built in Zip, or 2 batteries.......... I've found that my use of my technology has moved on........ I don't use Zips anymore...... and the TiBooks battery/sleep change function is so cool, that not having the extra bay really isn't a problem.......

    The only real advantage the Pismo has over the TiBook is that it's doesn't look so knackered if you treat it badly....... and it's stronger...... but that's cos it's built like a Tonka truck...... and feels like it when you pick it up too...... :p

    I can't wait to see what Apple has up the sleeve for it's next generation TiBook..... it's certainly due a design overhaul.... look at how many incarnations the PowerBook G3 had in its time.....

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  • e�Studios
    Mar 20, 03:01 PM
    Looks like it's true.


    F all the early adopters, eh Microsoft? :mad:
    I think everyone who's had 360 failures should get one of these at no charge in exchange, but I'm sure that won't happen.

    $20 more gets you a Ps3 with BluRay. If I was eyeing this, the Ps3 would be more attractive to me since they're not considering putting in HD-DVD to sweeten the deal.

    So what are they charging more for? a HDMI port? I think they are avoiding putting a HD DVD drive in the unit based on the abysmal outlook for HD DVD's future. No wifi, both the competition boxes have wifi built in...

    120GB proprietary HD, why not just make it user replacebable like Sony did....

    MS is gonna piss off a lot of their current base with this.


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  • stefbystef
    Sep 1, 05:57 AM
    Apple needs a wide appealing device like the iPod. Nobody wants to have the coolest TV, Radio, Sound System.

    But Everybody seems to want to have the coolest Computer, Mp3 Player, and Mobile Phone. It's the best time for Apple to enter the Mobile Phone Marked.

    I was so disappointed from all the phones that I had (never tried the T68i) that I would be glad to get an Apple made phone. I know it won't disappoint me.

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  • isgoed
    Oct 18, 12:35 PM
    Didn't you hear? CherryOS is all a hoax.

    I think this is what happened.

    What a stunt!

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  • nixd2001
    Oct 7, 01:20 PM
    Originally posted by tjwett
    Easy dudes! I thought I made it clear that I was under the IMPRESSION that the new G4s contained overclocked chips. I'm not the only one. Take a look at the discussion forum for the Mirror Door PMs over at Apple's site and you'll see what I mean. Lots of folks over there having lots of problems. There was even one topic wth the title "Dual 867 and Fire" or something to that affect. The attitude isn't necessary and you still haven't given me any real info. Are the chips in the new PMs different than previous G4s? Perhaps it is an issue with trying to implement DDR memory in the new machine? I wasn't being a d!ck so just chill out. I'll ask my question again: What's up with thew PowerMacs and all the probs? The Quicksilvers and Graphites were so solid.

    Sorry - not trying to launch in to you.

    Precise chip details I don't know, but it looks like this is covered in another posting.

    WRT "overclocked". The essence of "overclocking" is going outside manf specs. Apple would be crazy to do this. Consider: Apple says the PMG4 will operate reliably (their warranty - take the machine back if it fails stuff) if you keep it within the specified "ambient" temperature - up to 30c or 40c or something like that. Apple will have designed the machine so that if this condition is met, then the CPU will not exceed a particular temp - probably 70C. Mot will have supplied Apple with chips that Mot warrants can be reliabibly run at a particular clock rate if they are kept within a particular temp range (this is is likekly to be 70C). So this gives a chain of, if the user users the machine as specified, Apple and Mot will replace it if it fails. If you "overclock", ie push the clock rate up and it hence it generates more heat and goes outside the specified temp range, Apple will not warrant it works and Mot wouldn't replace the CPU if it failed for this reason. So I say that these machines are not overclocked, whatever you, and thousands of others on both this board and maybe others, say - simply because I think the definition is all wrong. So in that sense, "rubbish" is still my opinion of the notion that they are overclocked - not as an attack on you but on the validity of using the phrase/word.

    If machines are bursting in to flames, I've not seen anything here, but I'll keep a look out.

    Hope that's a more helpful response.

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  • wdlove
    Oct 28, 08:22 PM
    We only have a week to wait! :)

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  • srobert
    May 5, 08:46 AM
    Mac Observer forum Hacked and Defaced?

    I've been receiving spam from the Mac Observer forums.

    Their dorum site appears to have been lightly defaced: "HaCKED BY eXpL01tEr Forum Index"

    Forum is down.

    I hope I just didn't end up on another spammer's list.

    Dang I hate Vandals! Dumbest form of crime.

    Here is the content on the third spam email I've received within the last hour:

    ur forum was hacked administrator deleted new user was made to control the forum lol!

    I'm not impressed by hackers. If they really want to impress me, they'd also have to tell us where they live.

    Edit: Looks like everything is back to normal.

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  • liketom
    Jan 4, 07:54 AM
    ok so all the excitement over for today , it looks like there is a space for a 17" at �199-249 mark to go with the headless and maybe a discount for both together ? i would think a white screen like the iMac G4 but not widescreen.

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  • Mr. Anderson
    Oct 18, 04:26 PM
    Giving you the benefit of a doubt for a moment, I'm thinking it might make sense. If Apple goes with a new chip, they can name it what ever they want. And a 'new' chip should show a progression in the series so that joe consumer is less easily confused when faced with the option to have a Apple (iMac, eMac, Powerbook) G4 or a PowerMac Power5. If it was a Power4 it would just add to the confusion.

    So it would still be IBMs Power4 lite, but with a different name to make things simpler.

    Now, I'll come back in a few months or next year when its announced and see if it all turns out this way.


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  • Gav
    Jul 23, 06:41 AM
    i thout it was 2 teraflops of GPU power compared 2 the 1 teraflop of the xbox360??

    I'm not entirely sure, according to that article, its overall computational power. It could be wrong, I'm not sure.

    On further research, the PS3 has a floating point performance of 218 GFLOPS.

    And the GPU has 1.8 TFLOPS floating point performance.

    Still, its pretty powerful...

    Darn. I wish I was studying Computer Science right now :P

    wallpaper game of thrones. game of thrones cap A Song of
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  • jMc
    Oct 28, 04:50 AM
    Don't know if it means anything but Apple's UK online store is currently down for 'maintenance'....

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  • panoz7
    May 3, 11:15 AM
    The window's guy is a contributor on the daily show. His name is John Hodgman. Regardless of how apple made him look in the commercials, he's actually quite a funny man and very intelligent. He did fit that part perfectly though. Here's a link to his profile:


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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 18, 11:50 AM
    Get it. I have my 360 sitting next to my PS3. I watch movies on my PS3 - I play games on the 360.

    Holding out for an HD-DVD drive in the 360 is not a good idea. Even if they do get it, the fan would have to be a LOT quieter for it to be practical.

    The HD-DVD player is VERY quiet. Just make sure your 360 has no disc in its normal DVD drive when using the HD-DVD player and volume wise its exactly the same as the PS3 playing BluRay player.

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  • steve_hill4
    May 21, 05:56 PM
    Most 17" Sony notebooks are only 1-2 hour battery life.

    We are actually stocking the S model at John Lewis when it is available, along with a Toshiba G30 with HD DVD-ROM drive, (DVD burner combined, but no HD DVD burning). We have asked to trial both at our branch in Nottingham.

    I can see the MacBook Pro 17" following with similar specs further down the line. If Sony can do it for �2000, I expect Apple could do it for a similar price within 12 months. I also expect a lot of these features to find their way onto the Mac Pro when launched either as standard or options, (really the only one missing off the PowerMac is Blu Ray). I'd of course like to buy an iMac in about 12-18 months time with digital TV tuner and Blu Ray for a fairly standard price too, as this would fit in with my purchasing timescale.

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  • King Cobra
    Oct 17, 09:24 PM
    I agree on the political forums. Not that I want them to exist anymore, eventually the flames will engulf themselves.

    But, as MrMacman mentioned, at least now this foum is part of the "Community" and not the Archive. :D


    Oct 24, 04:44 PM
    I expect a boatload of hype and high expectations followed by the dismal feeling of being let-down and underwhelmed once again, possibly coupled with the nauseating gutknot of having a service or functionality removed from my machine or kept up for a fee.

    Two, three years ago.... now THOSE were MacWorlds....

    May 11, 06:47 AM
    The next Office is coming out for MacOS too... out of curiosity, why do you want to run it in Vista?

    EDIT: Somehow, I find the palettes much more appealing than this, though... :(

    When it comes to VBA programming I prefer the Windows version. Plus you have support for ActiveX controls and a broader object library to work with.

    Jan 26, 07:39 PM
    It looks great! As good as your TV allows! But TVs are NOT as good as computer displays.. they're just big, which can be fun. Everything is blurry on a TV--just like TV shows are--and for games, if you can increase the font size and run 640x480, that softness actually is a very slick and console-like look. You can get away with turning detail levels down for speed, and never even notice a difference on TV. But don't expect to view small text and details on a TV.

    And Mac OS X System Preferences has some very cool options for controlling the picture on the TV. You can expand the image to extend just off the edges with no black border (good for movies) and you can toggle a "Best for Video" mode which I always turn on. You can even set a different color profile, resolution, and desktop picture used JUST for TV! When you plug into TV and choose Detect Displays from the menu icon (or just sleep and wake), your desktop changes automatically. Very slick.

    EDIT: I see you have a PowerBook. That has TV-out built-in. Plug it in and try it--the Mini should look the same. (S-video is better than composite if you have the choice.)

    Thanks for the feedback. I've got it running right now over S-VIDEO. DVDs look good as you might expect, but it's pretty much useless for web browsing - on of my biggest goals. In order to even read the text I had to set the display really small and then increase the font on the pages. I think I'll try to find a DVI/I to HDTV cable and see how that looks. Too bad they cost so much just to see if it works. I'd really like to be able to have the TV running on one side of the split screen and have the web on the other side (I have a really big TV).

    Sep 13, 11:55 PM
    Originally posted by iGAV
    The potential for Rendevous is huge, maybe even to the degree of total control over your house and everything in it.....

    Control of the heating, deliveries, fridge, stereo literally everything.... all controlled directly from your Mac......

    So cool.......

    Well, let's not go overboard here, while I feel the same about the level of untapped potential in Rendezvous (note, it is spelt as if it is said ren-dez-vous) it does not make all those things possible.... it just makes them easier. Same with the Philips deal... Rendezvous does not make controlling your stereo from iTunes possible it makes it useable by the average consumer.

    Nov 13, 09:48 PM
    Wow, this rocks. This guy needs to go work alongside Mozilla.

    I'm running a 1.5 GHz Powerbook ... woo! Fly Firefox fly!

    What version do you guys download? I get a file with nice ibook pictures in there (download the latest file)

    Hoef, not sure if you have a G4 or G5, but here's where I got the G4 version:

    Main site:

    Direct link: